Mental health 11/05/2013 at 08:06

Drug equality in the UK

Drugs UKThe UK is generally regarded as a free and liberal country, but when it comes to drugs it’s not always all that free and liberal. A good example is the availability medical marijuana (or lack thereof). Medical marijuana is a drug that has helped relieve pain for many people that suffer from excruciating pains and it has proven to be effective.

Medical marijuana is being legalized in more and more countries and many states in the US have already legalized marijuana for medical use. Medical marijuana is a relatively cheap drug that can help people that suffer from diseases such as HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. In most countries people are even allowed to buy their own cannabis seeds and grow them, which makes medical marijuana not only an effective, but also a cheap drug.

In the UK, however, the government still thinks medical marijuana is an inappropriate drug and getting a prescription for medical marijuana is very hard. Despite the fact that the drug has proven to be effective and can be acquired at a low price, the government is unwilling to lift the restrictions that are currently imposed on it.

As a result, patients that might otherwise be able to benefit directly from the use of medical marijuana now have to suffer from pain or use alternative medication with higher prices and often far worse side effects. With drug equality these problems would not exist. It’s time that the government realizes this and becomes more liberal, so that its citizens can benefit from it.