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Drug War: Politics vs Crime Reduction & Health Benefits

Is the war on drugs over? This is the question that has been asked throughout the past decade repeatedly, especially with the rapid increase in technology, blogging and social media. Drug prohibition dates as far back as World War I in the UK, when it then became illegal to possess or sell opium and cocaine. In 1920, cannabis was added to the list of illegal substances in the United Kingdom.

legalize-drugsHowever, the UK viewed drugs vastly different than the US did, using heroin to help with treating patients rather than punishing them for the substances. However, due to the rapid increase in drug use in teens and young people of the upcoming generation in the 1960′s, more laws were then put into place.

The war on drugs has sparked controversy and in many cases, rage in individuals all around the world. Although having access to drugs is much easier for children if substances are legalized, the market itself for purchasing drugs underground is violent and dangerous as well. Learning why individuals from around the globe want to legalize drugs of all types is a way to gain perspective on the issue while understanding the root cause of the problems we face with our governments and those in power today.

Addressing Real Issues of Drugs

Most often we avoid addressing the real issues that come along with using drugs in a country where they are deemed illegal. Oftentimes, drugs are deemed illegal if they cannot be taxed or sold from larger corporations. There is a severe threat that by legalizing marijuana and other drugs that alcohol and tobacco corporations will be run out of business, which accounts for a generous amount of wealth annually.

Rid the Drug Market

By legalizing the use of drugs properly and with set age limits, you eliminate the need for a highly dangerous and illegal drug market, which often leads to violence and in some cases, death. Ridding the illegal drug market is a way to keep individuals from being incarcerated due to drugs to focus on more violent and malicious crimes that have been committed.

drugs-safetyIncrease Safety in Drug Use

Increasing safety in drug use is another issue that should be considered if any form of government plans to legalize all drugs. By providing sterilized needles, support, counseling and treatment options it helps to cut down on the spread of HIV or other potentially harmful diseases.

Reduce Crime

Reducing crime is another factor that is popular in the debate over the war on drugs. If drugs and other substances become entirely legal, there is less of a need to feel threatened or nervous within the actual drug market. Purchasing marijuana from a dispensary that is entirely legal, or even cultivating your own batch of cannabis seeds, may help you to feel much more comfortable than arriving at a stranger’s house late at night. By integrating new laws, keeping innocent civilians from getting involved in a life of crime is also possible.

Understanding the war on drugs in the UK and around the globe is a way to gain perspective on how it has affected individuals everywhere today. When you understand the facts related to using different substances it can assist you with making the right choices for your own future when it comes to voting or standing up for your rights.