Mental health 10/09/2013 at 15:36

Mental Health Research Leads to Help for Young Mothers and Older Adults

Support Group for Young Mums Needed

According to “Medical News Today,” the Mental Health Foundation with financial assistance from Comic Relief developed the “Young Mums Together” program in an effort to help alleviate the isolation experienced by young mothers through embarrassment and the stigma attached to being a young unwed mother. The group also provides the young women with referrals to services that include career advice, counselling and parenting advice.

Young teen mothers are also at a higher risk for developing post-partum depression and when not dealt with appropriately, the condition may pose a long-term detriment for the mother and child. Many locations have no resources for young mothers. In areas where services may exist, parents are often hesitant to seek help from qualified professionals. Studies suggest that 50,000 mothers in the UK are under 20 years of age. Researchers also found that up to 53% of these mothers suffer from post-partum depression.

Eva Cyhlarova, the lead researcher at the Mental Health Foundation believes that providing adequate services for young mothers helps the teenagers cope with the many monumental life changing challenges that they face. Hoping to establish a comprehensive service through the group, teen mothers would have access to professional help with depression, guidance to forming healthy relationships and improving their social contacts. Women would also have access to information concerning various benefits, housing and employment options. (